Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Photo of Jennifer StanleyYou have probably seen the signs around Marshalltown saying “Call Jenn.”

“Who the heck is Jenn?”

Well, that’s me. I am Jennifer Stanley, and I think my story may interest you.

I am a lifelong Marshalltown resident. Both of my parents died early in my life. But my sister and brother and I hung in there and got college degrees and have been in the workplace ever since.

My life has unfolded in a way that amazes even me. I started out thinking I wanted to be a nurse — I felt a calling to help people. Then that changed into an interest in social work. And that then turned into a Master’s Degree in management.

And then, after enjoying the business world for a few years I landed at The Willows of Marshalltown, our town’s newest Assisted Living and Memory Care facility — on the west side of town.

I am the Executive Director here. All day long I meet, greet and get to know folks who want to know more about The Willows. In short, I get to help seniors make the next big step in their lives.

Nothing makes me happier, because this satisfies my social side, and my caring side.

Would you like to get to know me? I would sure love that. Just give me a call any time at 758-3123 or on my cell at 485-1672.

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