Love is in the air at The Willows –  from your Executive Director:

Happy Valentines Day to all! February brings three holidays we look forward to. Who doesn’t love watching the Super Bowl? Even if you don’t like football, you must watch it for the commercials and the excellent food! It is amazing companies spend millions of dollars to put a 30 second commercial on one of the most watched programs of the year. Valentine’s Day is a great day to remember your sweetie. Who doesn’t love…

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Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Photo of Jennifer StanleyBecause it will ease your mind, right now, or in the future.

I am talking about senior loved ones – your loved ones – with either current or developing memory issues.

Now here is the news – there are people in today’s world who absolutely adore caring for seniors with memory issues.

I should know, I’m Jennifer Stanley and here at The Willows of Marshalltown we have an entire Memory Care staff of these special, caring people.

You see, once you get to know seniors with memory issues, once you become familiar with the challenges they face, if you are one of the select few, your heart completely melts.

Sure, caring for seniors with memory issues is exhausting, which is why you should leave it to The Willows and our Memory Care staff. They are all trained, work three shifts and get days off. So they stay fresh to take care of Mom and Dad tomorrow, and every other day.

We do the hard work. The meal prep, the feeding, the dressing and laundry. We also lovingly engage them in one on one activities and are trained to handle the inevitable mood swings.

I understand, you may feel shy to discuss this topic, but don’t be. This is my life. And all conversations are private. Call me, Jennifer, at 758-3123 or on my cell at 485-1672.

Thank you so much.

Happy New Year!  –  from your Executive Director:

Happy New Year 2020! As 2019 passes, I ponder just how grateful I am for my Willows family. I hope the new year brings us untold amounts of joy and inspires us to appreciate everything we’ve been given. We have a beautiful community filled with great people, which is all I could ever ask for. I want to extend my thanks to our fantastic staff, our thoughtful owners and of course, to all of you. Together we create a very special home that is the core of The Willows community. I am looking forward to…

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