It’s August Already!

Great news! On August 10, we will restart outdoor family visits. Our residents need to see their families and vice versa. The love and excitement that these visits bring…

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Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

I just read an article in a Senior Living publication about how older Americans are feeling less important, even “expendable” from the coronavirus pandemic.

This stopped me in my tracks. Can you imagine that? Our seniors feeling this way, when life is already so uncertain?

Our very Moms and Dads who raised us, sacrificed for us, endured us when we were teenagers, advised and helped us when we had kids of our own. They now feel expendable? And they shouldn’t.

They should feel the most valued of all.

I don’t see that fear among our residents here at The Willows. And I am glad of that. And that is because they are not alone here. They have their friends here who they meet with, eat with and visit with every day. And they see the care staff here serving them, helping them in any way they need.

But can you imagine any senior living alone today. Watching the news and seeing no one except through a closed door? Who wouldn’t feel expendable in those circumstances?

So I ask you, I beg you. Like the article advised, reach out to any senior you know. Just a phone call asking “how you doing?” This shows you haven’t forgotten them, that you care about them and are thinking of them.

And sure, if your Mom or Dad can join us here at The Willows, there is no better time. Because this virus looks like it is going to be here for a long while. And at The Willows, Mom and Dad can feel protected, cared for and not alone.

I am Jennifer. Give me a call today or tomorrow. I’d love for Mom and Dad to join our community, where our mission is to make them feel cherished and valued.

Call my cell at 485-1672. Thank you.


The Willows Executive Director

Hello July:

July is a time to celebrate. We will kick off the month decked out in red, white, and blue! The fourth of the July is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a great day to spend time with family carrying on traditions. It’s a time for fireworks, cookouts…

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