Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

First off, I love that you take the time to read my words every few days. It means a lot to me. I love my job as Executive Director of The Willows and I truly hope it shows.

Today I want to speak to you about memories – something we think a lot about as the years roll by.

Remember when we were so young and busy that memories rarely crossed our minds? We were too busy with today to let them cross our minds.

What happened to those days?

As we get older, many of us shift to living in our memories and sometimes we miss the chance to live the life right in front of us.

In my job, I get to see a sweet remedy for this, where the best of both worlds come together. I see beautiful old memories getting shared to new ears and new memories created every day with the engaging and vibrant lifestyle at The Willows.

Once again life becomes fun and busy enough that today and tomorrow are once again pulling us into the life we want to live right in front of us. And I’ll admit, moving to The Willows is a great way to do that.

When you move into your spacious apartment here, you bring your familiar furniture, pictures, snuggly blankets and favorite books, and music. And then you build on those memories as you begin to regain that youthful outlook regularly through socializing, activities, food, movies, games and a bunch of friends around to share those wonderful memories with, both new and old.

And at The Willows, you can even have a trial stay.

So call me. I know you have questions, everyone does. And I love to answer them.

You know me from my articles, now get to know me in person!– just call 4851672.



Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

“I may not remember what we talk about….but I always remember how you make me feel.”

Here is a lesson I have learned for the adult children of parents with memory issues. It’s how your Mom or Dad feels that really matters to them.

Look, memory issues are now an established part of adult life. Memory issues that were once rare, are now common. And they bring adult children sadness and worry.
Why? Because we all remember the time we told Mom or Dad “I will always take care of you.” And now maybe that job has grown too large to do properly. Diet, medication, bathing, proper exercise, movement, and wandering can all become too much for one person to handle.

And yes, this causes guilt, because of the promise we made Mom or Dad years ago.

But here is the thing. Memory issues can quickly outstrip your ability to give Mom or Dad the care they need. And postponing professional care can actually cause more harm.

But your Mom or Dad will always remember how you make them feel. Which is the magical thing that I see happening here at The Willows. Mom or Dad are left feeling wonderful after your visit.

And that guilt you feel? It goes away, because you can see that care is professionally given 24/7, in a nurturing and engaging environment, specially designed for seniors with memory issues, and Mom or Dad are thriving.

On top of that, you can visit Mom or Dad as often as you like. And the love they feel from you during those visits…that is what stays with them. I see it all the time.

One of the most important parts of my job is this comfort I get to bring to families. I’m here to help, call me anytime at 641-485-1672.

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Yet I see it happen all the time.

Folks simply forget they own Long Term Care Insurance.

And that is like discovering a pot of gold under your bed. Let me explain.

Long Term Care Insurance policies are wonderful. They are basically savings accounts for seniors.

When you pay the policy premium, funds are socked away for your use when you choose to move into The Willows.

In fact, right this minute we have many residents at The Willows living comfortably on the funds from their Long Term Care policies. (And many of them weren’t even aware they had this benefit until they called me.)

Now here is the catch: If you don’t use the funds built up in your Long Term Care policy, they usually flow to the insurance company when you pass on. That’s right, they don’t pass to your heirs. You lose them, forever.

I hate to say this, but it is kind of a trap… the trap of struggling to stay home when you could live in comfort at The Willows with the savings you forgot you even had.

Yes, we see many seniors struggling to stay at home, letting their health slide and burdening their adult children. Yet all the while they could have moved into the comfort and friendship of The Willows and paid for all or most of it with their Long Term Care policy.

If all this is ringing a bell, please remember, those funds in your Long Term Care policy are yours – use them to improve the quality of your life today.

And doing that is easy, painless and requires no commitment.

If you have a Long Term Care policy, call me and let’s discuss your situation. I can evaluate the fine print of your policy and we can discuss your options before it’s too late. Call me on my cell 641-485-1672.

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

But fortunately there is a cure.

I am talking about loneliness.

And as we all know, 2020 dished up loneliness in huge portions.

Lately this is the main thing I hear when adult children call me with concern for Mom or Dad.


And we’re not talking about the kind of loneliness from a weekend or so by yourself. If it goes on long enough loneliness becomes dangerously invisible. And things slip. Diet slips, cleanliness slips, exercise slips…if you can imagine it, it slips when you are lonely.

Yet, here is the thing about loneliness – none of us ever want to admit it. As if it were some sort of character flaw, instead of the universal call for help that loneliness really is.

So when an adult child asks Mom or Dad “How are you doing?” the answer is always “I’m fine.”

Everyone wants to appear strong to their kids, that’s why it’s so important to know when it’s time for you to be strong for your parents. They held your hand through the skinned knees and bruised hopes of childhood. It’s your turn to hold their hand through this new and uncharted territory.

Maybe that means more visits from you, more phone calls from you, more transportation to events or friends they want (need) to see.

Or maybe it is time to consider Assisted Living, where Mom and Dad are as independent as they want to be in their wonderful apartment, only without the loneliness, because friends are always right next door, at meals, at our theatre, exercise class or even the always loved bingo. And you have the safety net of a devoted healthcare staff at hand 24/7 with all their meals and transportation taken care of.

I know, this is personal stuff. Everyone is different. Every Mom, every Dad is different. Let me hold your hand through this process. I’m here to help. My cell 485-1672. Call anytime.

Hello Spring!

Hey, hey!! It’s April! What a fun month!

The days are getting consistently warmer, all joined by Easter, daffodils, and baseball. So many good things happen in April. For starters, April is all about freshening your home, because we know how winter has been hiding dust and clutter. So expect to see us coming through your apartments doing some inside window washing and more.

Also, there is something so “right” about bringing out your spring and summer wardrobe and…

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