Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Lets face it, a lifetime is full of work. Going to school, part time jobs, then a career, then raising a family, then helping with grandkids, you name it.

And when we are you’re young, you really have no idea what becoming a “grown up” entails. I mean, remember your classmates who thought that as soon as their kids turned 18 their life would become a vacation? How wrong they were.

But once a person becomes a senior and joins us here at The Willows, or another fine facility, a little bell goes off. I call it the “it’s time for me to have fun” bell.

It marks a wonderful new phase of life and we see it every day.

And it is different for everyone. For some seniors having fun consists largely of being alone, reading books and watching TV. And who is to say that is not having fun? Especially for someone who spent their life constantly interacting with others.

Many seniors look at this as the time to finally get in some fitness activity. Who cares how old you are…it still makes a whale of a difference in how you feel.

Which hobby have you been either ignoring or always wanting to try? Writing short stories, playing cards, doing puzzles, even shooting pool…these are all things we see our residents enjoying every day.

Look, I understand how we all want to live in the home where we raised our kids. But why? That can be lonely, it can be even downright dangerous because of fall danger.

So I hear every week from residents “I am so much happier now. I have come out of my shell. I have made new friends and taken up new hobbies. I never thought this would happen.”

I so look forward to meeting you. Us being friends comes first. So let’s do that, let’s become friends.

Call me any time at 485-1672. I mean it, any time. Let’s unfold that new phase of life for you, or for Mom or Dad.


Jennifer Stanley

Executive Director

The Willows of Marshalltown

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