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June 2022 – Willows Life News

Welcome Beautiful June! June just may be the most anticipated month of the year. After all, summer officially begins in June. Everyone loves June because it is associated with relaxing and nature. The summer is a time for freedom, barbeques, beach days, and ice cream. Is it any wonder that we associate the summer months […]

You’ve Already Won This Battle

But somehow the playing field always seems to shift again, doesn’t it? The only constant that seems to stay is change. Take Marshalltown for example. Remember Skate Town? The Mall? Stones Restaurant? All those buildings taken out by the tornado and derecho? We dealt with those changes. They weren’t easy, but we’re Marshalltown Strong, so […]

My Mom

I was born just a few weeks before my Mom graduated from high school. Right here in Marshalltown. While I’m sure that raising me so young couldn’t have been easy, my Mom always had a wisdom beyond her years and she built a strong roadmap for me. My Mom taught me that it was OK […]

May 2022 – Willows Life News

Hello May! April showers… better be bringing a lot of May flowers! April ever changing. One minute it’s snowing, the next its 70 degrees, next day its strong wind gusts. It seems fitting that the spring is coming very slowly, but surely. Rainy as it was, we fully enjoyed April… Read the entire May 2022 […]

No Need To Call Me

Just kidding. You really should call me. Whether you are an adult senior, or the relative of an adult senior. I can help. Because I know what you’re going through. At most stages along the way we have had someone to teach us how to get through the next step in our life with the […]

The Full Circle of Parenthood

Parenthood is such a trip. Parenthood ranges from your kids totally needing you…up to the point where you (the parent) totally need them. This is life. It’s about coming full circle. You know what? That shift is often not an easy one, even though it sounds so natural on paper. As parents, we are often […]

April 2022 – Willows Life News

Welcome Spring! I am so excited. Spring is the season of hope and new beginnings. Spring to me is so much more than a change of seasons. It is a change of attitude. It’s a change of life. Spring is a season of action, to redo or begin life again. With that in mind, maybe […]

March 2022 – Willows Life News

Spring Is Almost Here! In observance of National LTC Administrator’s Week we would like to recognize and honor our Executive Director, Jennifer Stanley. Jennifer has been dedicated to providing quality care and leadership at The Willows of Marshalltown since 2019. We appreciate her strong leadership, Read the entire March 2022 Willows Life Newsletter (pdf).

A Little Bell Goes Off

Lets face it, a lifetime is full of work. Going to school, part time jobs, then a career, then raising a family, then helping with grandkids, you name it. And when we are you’re young, you really have no idea what becoming a “grown up” entails. I mean, remember your classmates who thought that as […]

February 2022 – Willows Life News

It’s February! We’ve flown by January and into the season of love, perhaps the most powerful force in the universe. In this month of love and romance, I’m sharing the staff ’s favorite romance movies and quotes, mine included. If you haven’t watched these, check them out. Who doesn’t love curling up on the couch […]