Why “Be Prepared” is a Great Motto

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

If you’ve been reading my columns for a little while now, you’ve gotten a snapshot into the way my mind works.

As you might have noticed, I try to think of everything. You may be just like me in that regard.

The other day, I got to thinking about the Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared.” Remember that one?

I realized that as Executive Director of The Willows, that’s a motto I use often too. And you know what? That is a great motto for every senior and their family.

“Be Prepared” for a Boy Scout means having what you need for whatever terrain you enter into.
For a senior, “Be Prepared” means much the same thing. But as we age, we realize that the terrain can change a lot, sometimes in a short time.

Every day in my job I take calls from seniors and their families who are facing the difficult challenge of building a whole retirement plan for Mom and Dad immediately after a fall or after finding out their health, their memory, or their quality of life has taken a steep decline. The road back from those unplanned-for challenges can be tricky.

But those families that prepare and have a plan for when Mom and Dad might need to transition to Assisted Living or Memory Care, often find themselves in much better shape when these challenges present themselves, making the transition so much smoother for everyone.

But hey, even if you’re in a tough spot, if you have the right trail guide (that’s me!) we can find a way through together.

So be like a good Scout, Be Prepared. Give me a call at 641 485 1672. This week, tomorrow, or anytime soon.

This gives us time to make a great plan for Mom or Dad to navigate the territory ahead with ease. I look forward to meeting you.


Jennifer Stanley
Executive Director
The Willows