Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

We all have important jobs, valuable jobs, jobs that make us proud. Some jobs require analytical skill, some require brute strength, some care and compassion.

But only one job requires the superior combination of the heart and the mind.

That is the job of the health care worker. And never in recent history have health care workers been more deserving of our love and praise than right now.

Never in recent history have all available hospital beds and all medical offices been so full. And behind that demand for services is an army of doctors, nurses, and others who are asked to show their love, strength and compassion every single day.

Not only that, there is no such thing as kicking back in these jobs. No time to rest, and no room for error.

Here at The Willows we see this demonstrated every day as we take our residents to and from normal medical appointments. And I can also tell you that on the rare occasions when one of our residents needs middle of the night care, they ALWAYS receives top quality care no matter what.

This is Marshalltown Strong at its finest.

So please join The Willows in extending the biggest Thank You to all of our great Marshalltown health care workers.

They deserve our thanks, our prayers and our gratitude.

Oh, and feel free to call me anytime. My cell is 485-1672.

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Many, many seniors are military veterans. And to them we give the highest honor on this special day.

Working here at The Willows, I like to think of all seniors as Life Veterans. And remember, life lasts a lifetime. From the moment we’re born all the way to our cherished elder years.

So on this Veteran’s Day, let me convey deepest gratitude to all of you. Because you are all veterans of life.

As a senior your contribution to the world is so important. You have given so much love; love to your family, your friends and your country.

I think giving love is the most special thing about a life lived well. You have so many chances to convey love to others. We don’t always do that perfectly. But if we’re lucky, life is long. And we have lots of chances to not only give love, but to go back and mend fences where we have stumbled. This is also part of being a Life Veteran.

In fact, maybe it is the most important part.

I lost both of my folks when I was quite young. I never had the chance to care for them when they became seniors. Maybe that is why I love The Willows so much. I see a bit of my Mom and Dad in each senior resident and visitor.

So whether you are a military veteran, a Life Veteran, or both. I would love to meet you. Here at The Willows we help our residents organize access to their military veterans benefits. And we feel that all Life Veterans really deserve the latter part of their lives to be surrounded by love, and new friends.

So we do what can to make every day filled with love and care. Call me at 485-1672. I look forward to hearing from you.

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Come drive by The Willows some evening this month and enjoy the beautiful purple lights shining on our building at 2315 Campbell Dr. These lights will be on every evening in November. And our care staff is dressed in purple this month too.

Purple is close to our hearts here at The Willows. Because purple is the color for Alzheimer’s Awareness. And November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.

This is the month where we honor our loved ones with Alzheimer’s, and we honor those Care Givers who lovingly help them through their days.

I both visit with and work with Alzheimer’s residents every day. And our Willows Care Givers dedicate their lives to caring for them 24 hours per day.

I want to let you in on a secret. Though our Alzheimer’s residents have memory issues, their feelings are just like yours and mine. They recognize people that pass on good feelings to them. When you give them love they give it right back.

And people with Alzheimer’s will open up a person’s heart like no other people can.

What about a cure? New studies showing hope and promise are published every day.

Here at The Willows 24 of our 58 apartments are devoted to residents with Memory Care issues. They have lovely dining and entertainment areas, a beautiful courtyard filled with flowers, and their families have a dedicated entrance for visits.

Most of all they get round the clock care by specially trained Willows staff. Not only is this staff kind and caring, they are well supported with a great team so they are able to stay fresh for our residents.

Join me for a November of Alzheimer’s Awareness. Let your heart open to purple. Together we’ll raise awareness for our loved ones with Alzheimer’s.

I am Jennifer. Call me any time at 485-1672.

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

And every bit of it makes your heart melt.

You learn that age is not catching – working with seniors does not hasten your own ageing.

You learn that seniors have the same inner spark of youth that we still feel. They may use a walker, they may move slowly, they may have a health challenge or two…but inside, they are as young as we are, and as young as we ever were.

You learn gratefulness.

You learn to listen…listen to their stories of their younger days with joy and attention.

You learn to always let them have the last word. Because you know they deserve it.

You have a second chance to repay your own parents. We all (certainly me anyway) look back and wish we had given more attention to Mom or Dad while they were with us. This is your second chance.

Every meal you eat with a senior, every conversation you patiently listen to – you are repaying your own Mom and Dad for all the times they comforted you from infancy through your own middle age.

You also literally have a chance to go back in time and be with your parents again. Because as you sit with a senior it is just like sitting with your own Mom or Dad.

You know how – sometimes we have the thought “I’m going to call Mom and tell her about my day?” And then your heart sinks because you remember Mom is gone, so it’s no longer possible.

Let me tell you, when you work with seniors, eat with seniors, drive seniors around, laugh with them, listen to their stories, or take them shopping, it has the very same effect as calling your own Mom or Dad and having a wonderful chat.

And nothing can really top that.

Call me some time, any time and let’s chat about your Mom or Dad. Here’s my cell 485-1672.

Call me anytime.

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

I have to confess, there is a perk that I really did not expect when I began my career at The Willows. We have, hands down, the best restaurant in town, just a few steps from my office.

There are some unique things that The Willows does with our restaurant that really sets us apart and are not often found in senior living communities.

Our first secret weapon is that we have an Executive Chef, Jesus Rangel, who is culinary trained and a veritable artist in the kitchen. That means that his specialty is to come up with delectable dishes and delicious deserts to tempt our residents.

Our second secret is choice. Our residents love choice, so we have a menu of over 30 different dishes that can be ordered any time if the daily specials are not to one’s liking. (Though the specials are mouthwatering. I really look forward to the filet mignon with roasted potatoes!)

Another great feature is that you can eat any time of day, from 7am to 7pm. So if you like brunch at 10 or lunch at 3, or desert in the late afternoon, no problem. Again, choice is very important.

We also create our menu with direct input from our residents. So all their favorites are sure to be available. Our residents love challenging our chef to recreate their family recipes and our menu is frequently updated with seasonal options as well. I made my grandma’s fried chicken this summer and it was a big hit!

Lastly, and most importantly, we love to have fun here, so we are always creating themed meals and parties for our residents because we know that the best meals are ones we share together.

As I say every week, there are so many things to love about The Willows. I’d love to share some with you. Give me a call anytime on my personal number 485-1672.

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Many of the happiest and most contented residents at the Willows were not keen on the idea of Assisted Living when they first heard of it.

After all, who wants to move from a home filled with wonderful memories? Especially since Mom and Dad have seen themselves living in the family home forever.

But as we all know, life has a natural course. Soon, even the best of us start to slip a little, maybe find ourselves not eating properly, missing our meds, even having an occasional fall. And loneliness – it happens, and it can cause our health to decline significantly.

And that is where I can help. I can tell you stories and introduce you to seniors who once felt uncertain too, but are now enjoying a new life here at The Willows.

I have seen it many times. Even after dragging their feet Mom or Dad are instantly amazed at the comfort, the privacy, all the new friends, and support. They are eating better, their clothes are clean, their home is clean and safe. And most importantly, there is always someone to help them 24/7 if a need arises.

If you are a senior or the adult child of a senior, I am here for you. At some point in our lives we all need someone to help guide us across the threshold from the home you have outgrown to a new home, and a new life.

Once you take the first step, calling me, you will have an advocate and a friend to guide you through this process. You will see right away that helping seniors live their best life is my passion. Just call me on my cell, anytime, day or night. 485-1672. I can’t wait to meet you and help you on the road to a safe and happy life.

Photo of Jennifer StanleySafety. Warmth. Ease. Comfort. Connection.

Can you imagine having a job where you get to provide these things for seniors? I get to do that every day, and I love it. But lately, I’ve had some worries with this cooler weather coming in.

Every year I meet people that say I want to move into The Willows before winter.” But you know what happens? Winter comes quickly. And I worry so much about seniors in winter because there are so many added risks of living at home alone during that time. Falling on ice and exposure to extreme weather increase, dealing with shoveling snow and getting around for groceries and medicine becomes more challenging.

But if there is one thing I worry about most in winter, it’s isolation. Especially during a pandemic, when all the experts are telling you to stay home. But staying home alone can lead to isolation and depression and health can decline fast. I’ve seen it too many times. In the winter, it’s harder to fight it, it creeps into life before it’s noticed.

Which is why making plans for winter is so crucial in the next month or so. And together we can solve the “winter question” and the “isolation question” with one solution.

At The Willows, staying home in the winter is what it should be. Life here is full of warmth. You can have amazing meals with friends, a book or a game of cards by the fireplace in our library or club room, a cozy movie night with popcorn in our theater. All the snow is shoveled for you and most of all, you are not alone. Friends and caring staff are right there with you.

Here’s my cell phone, 485-1672. I’d love to bring your Mom and Dad home to The Willows with me for the winter and surround them with the warmth and care they deserve. Call anytime.

Photo of Jennifer StanleyBecause it will ease your mind, right now, or in the future.

I am talking about senior loved ones – your loved ones – with either current or developing memory issues.

Now here is the news – there are people in today’s world who absolutely adore caring for seniors with memory issues.

I should know, I’m Jennifer Stanley and here at The Willows of Marshalltown we have an entire Memory Care staff of these special, caring people.

You see, once you get to know seniors with memory issues, once you become familiar with the challenges they face, if you are one of the select few, your heart completely melts.

Sure, caring for seniors with memory issues is exhausting, which is why you should leave it to The Willows and our Memory Care staff. They are all trained, work three shifts and get days off. So they stay fresh to take care of Mom and Dad tomorrow, and every other day.

We do the hard work. The meal prep, the feeding, the dressing and laundry. We also lovingly engage them in one on one activities and are trained to handle the inevitable mood swings.

I understand, you may feel shy to discuss this topic, but don’t be. This is my life. And all conversations are private. Call me, Jennifer, at 758-3123 or on my cell at 485-1672.

Thank you so much.

Photo of Jennifer StanleyHi, I’m Jennifer Stanley.

If you or anyone in your family is of retirement age I have an invitation for you.

You see, I am a retirement insider. Retirement is my job and my life. I can answer your questions, correct your misconceptions, and show you all the overlooked advantages to good retirement living at a reasonable cost.

Without this inside knowledge, retirement living can be a big muddle. And I see it every day.

People living lonely, even desperate lives, because they are “trying to stay in their homes” way too long.

There is a whole world of new friends, social life, food and fitness in the right retirement community. And I can even do a trial stay for a few months to make sure your loved one likes the new life.

So hey, let’s get to know each other. I would love to meet you. I can bring a hot lunch to your home, we can meet at your favorite restaurant, or just visit me where I work –
The Willows of Marshalltown, 2315 Campbell Drive.

Just call me right now at 758 -3123 or on my cell at 485-1672.

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Photo of Jennifer StanleyYou have probably seen the signs around Marshalltown saying “Call Jenn.”

“Who the heck is Jenn?”

Well, that’s me. I am Jennifer Stanley, and I think my story may interest you.

I am a lifelong Marshalltown resident. Both of my parents died early in my life. But my sister and brother and I hung in there and got college degrees and have been in the workplace ever since.

My life has unfolded in a way that amazes even me. I started out thinking I wanted to be a nurse — I felt a calling to help people. Then that changed into an interest in social work. And that then turned into a Master’s Degree in management.

And then, after enjoying the business world for a few years I landed at The Willows of Marshalltown, our town’s newest Assisted Living and Memory Care facility — on the west side of town.

I am the Executive Director here. All day long I meet, greet and get to know folks who want to know more about The Willows. In short, I get to help seniors make the next big step in their lives.

Nothing makes me happier, because this satisfies my social side, and my caring side.

Would you like to get to know me? I would sure love that. Just give me a call any time at 758-3123 or on my cell at 485-1672.