Welcome November!

Thank you for the patience and perseverance you have shown during the Covid-19 pandemic. Doing your part to keep yourself and your loved ones safe has been a big part of The Willows staying safe…

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Fall is officially here!

The leaves are turning colors, the farmers are harvesting their crops, pumpkins are popping up everywhere and there are Friday night football games. Fall is such a beautiful time of the year. Embrace the season for all it’s worth…

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Fall is on its way!

Can you believe that our summer is already coming to an end? We have had some great weather this season and some truly beautiful days. But we have many fun things still ahead…

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It’s August Already!

Great news! On August 10, we will restart outdoor family visits. Our residents need to see their families and vice versa. The love and excitement that these visits bring…

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Hello July:

July is a time to celebrate. We will kick off the month decked out in red, white, and blue! The fourth of the July is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a great day to spend time with family carrying on traditions. It’s a time for fireworks, cookouts…

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Hello June:

May showers have been a bit of a roller coaster, tempting me to think we may need to turn our courtyards into an ark. We worked around the rain for many of our outside plans. However, there were a few beautiful days and we were able to get flowers planted in their beds. Residents and staff had a wonderful time working together…

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Hello May:

May is such a special month. The first day of May has been celebrated for centuries as a time of renewal and optimism. In days past, one might make a May basket, filled with flowers and small gifts, to be left secretly…

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Welcome Spring:

The winter has finished, and I think we are all glad to see the sun shining! We are just starting to see the greenery come back to life. With weather beginning to warm, we can start planning outdoor activities and more trips. I look forward to the springtime activities and adventures.

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Happy Irish Month, Willows Family!:

Spring is just around the corner and I cannot wait to see our beautiful gardens in bloom again. As we wait for flowers to appear, we have much to enjoy in the month of March — including St. Patrick’s Day and its festivities. We will have some green beer and Irish Cream on March 17th. Wear your green!

Also this March we will be hosting a senior lunch and bingo event on…

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Love is in the air at The Willows –  from your Executive Director:

Happy Valentines Day to all! February brings three holidays we look forward to. Who doesn’t love watching the Super Bowl? Even if you don’t like football, you must watch it for the commercials and the excellent food! It is amazing companies spend millions of dollars to put a 30 second commercial on one of the most watched programs of the year. Valentine’s Day is a great day to remember your sweetie. Who doesn’t love…

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