Cinnamon Rolls

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

To me, cinnamon rolls are way more than just something to eat. They are something to love, something to savor.

Cinnamon rolls stimulate our senses – smell, taste, touch and sight. But they are so much more than just that.

They also give us a feeling of wonder, a feeling of memories of home, of mom and dad and family…all around the table waiting excitedly for the cinnamon rolls.

Just the thought of cinnamon rolls melts our hearts with love, security and everything being right with the world.
Sure, we serve cinnamon rolls at The Willows of Marshalltown. But to us cinnamon rolls are even more than food.

As Executive Director at The Willows I make sure our community lives cinnamon rolls.

I try to make sure that both our staff and our decisions always pass the Cinnamon Roll Test. By that I don’t just mean we always want to do the right thing, but that we want to have people feel just right as well. As though they just came down to a warm kitchen of cinnamon rolls.

Sure, we have many rules and regulations to follow, they are important for safety and proper resident care. And we are always dedicated in following those guidelines and more.

But nothing on that “requirements list” keeps us from also being a Cinnamon Roll community.

Assisted Living. And Memory Care. These are our specialties.

Think of the new life of friends, memories and warmth that your senior Mom or Dad will begin to live when they join us.

It’s the cinnamon roll way of life. And I’m your cinnamon roll leader at our Cinnamon Roll Community.

Do we have room? Yes. And the first step is to call me, any time. Here is my cell 485-1672. Call me, and come take in the cinnamon roll life.


Jennifer Stanley
Executive Director