Down The Hall

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Remember when you were young and something scary happened?

Maybe it was a tornado, or a huge rainstorm, or a big windstorm. And always at night.

Remember that? I know I do. And remember how you woke up and were scared?

How can we forget?

But what I also remember is that at times like those, Mom or Dad came down the hall and reassured me that everything would be OK.

When I called, they were there, and the next thing I knew, I was back to sleeping peacefully.

Because I knew, no matter how scary the world got, I always had someone looking out for me, making sure I was okay.

And no matter what age you are, having the safety net of knowing someone who cares about you is looking out for you, is so vital. It gives us peace of mind and deep ease so we can thrive in our lives.

As Executive Director of The Willows my staff and I get to be that for all our residents, bringing them that comfort and reassurance every day. We are the ones down the hall who are always there if they need us. We are the ones who are always at home for them.

I can’t tell you how many times a staff member has told me about an experience where a resident needed them, and they were so proud to show up for them. Anything, from a health scare to holding their hand for a while on a blue afternoon. We all take such pride in being here for them, however small the task. Even if the need never comes up, they always know, we’ll be here just in case.

It is one of the many reasons I love my job. I feel so lucky to answer the call for our residents, and for you.

So call me anytime, we’re here for you at The Willows at 485-1672.
Jennifer Stanley
Executive Director
The Willows of Marshalltown