When You’re Here You’re Home

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

“Home” is such a wonderful word, isn’t it?

There is so much that comes to mind: the people, the place, the feeling of home.

In life there is “home,” and then there is just, well, pretty much everything else.

“Home” is that sigh at the end of a long day, that sense of place, our foundation of familiarity and comfort. Home is the place we hold our memories, the place we feel loved, the place we feel like we belong.

When our owners Ben and Mira Daniels opened The Willows back in 2018, that feeling of home was at its core, they even crafted our slogan with that in mind, “When you’re here you’re home.”

But how do you create “home” for so many folks, all with a different experience of it?

The key is what is always at the heart of a home, the people.

And the people at the heart of The Willows are our residents and our staff. Together we build home here every day. And we talk together often about how to make it better. So the home we build is one full of joy, of memories, of shared meals with visiting family, with friends and neighbors. Home is filled with tailgating parties and card games, of shopping trips and ice cream socials, games and bingo and long talks about life.

And caring, always caring.

For our team members, for our residents. When they need a helping hand, home is here for our Willows Family.

So as life evolves, and find you need a retirement community for yourself or for Mom or Dad, the advice I always give folks is this: Find a place that feels like home. And if you need any help with that, give me a call anytime, my number is 4851672. I’d love to share our home with you.


Jennifer Stanley

Executive Director

The Willows of Marshalltown