Join Me In Honoring Our Doctors

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

I mean, what would we do without doctors?

I think almost all of us have seen the invaluable impact doctors have in our lives. From running in to your primary doc to check on a cold or cough to the on-call surgeon saving the life of a loved one. These dedicated and caring folks are holding our hand and supporting us through some of the most transformational and important experiences of our lives.

That is why every single doctor deserves to be honored on National Doctor’s Day which is every year on March 30th

National Doctor’s Day has been officially celebrated since 1933. It was organized by the proud wife of a prominent doctor in Georgia. And it even has a flower, the red carnation associated with it.

In my job at The Willows I have the honor of interacting with many local doctors. They help us to manage the health and wellbeing of our residents and work to preserve their independence and improve their quality of life. They are such important partners in caring for the elderly in our community. They care so deeply about their work and they work tirelessly to help their patients to thrive and stay healthy.

And doctors really understand the aging process. They understand that there is a lot of life to be lived, and why should it not be comfortable, social, and happy all the way through?

So on March 30th, pick up the phone and call your doctor’s office to wish them a “Happy Doctor’s Day.”

If we all do that, we can flood Marshalltown’s doctors with calls of love and good wishes make a wonderful and powerful impact.

Let’s show them how much we appreciate them and the support they have given us over the years.


Jennifer Stanley

Executive Director The Willows