I Can Only Marvel

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

We all have important jobs, valuable jobs, jobs that make us proud. Some jobs require analytical skill, some require brute strength, some care and compassion.

But only one job requires the superior combination of the heart and the mind.

That is the job of the health care worker. And never in recent history have health care workers been more deserving of our love and praise than right now.

Never in recent history have all available hospital beds and all medical offices been so full. And behind that demand for services is an army of doctors, nurses, and others who are asked to show their love, strength and compassion every single day.

Not only that, there is no such thing as kicking back in these jobs. No time to rest, and no room for error.

Here at The Willows we see this demonstrated every day as we take our residents to and from normal medical appointments. And I can also tell you that on the rare occasions when one of our residents needs middle of the night care, they ALWAYS receives top quality care no matter what.

This is Marshalltown Strong at its finest.

So please join The Willows in extending the biggest Thank You to all of our great Marshalltown health care workers.

They deserve our thanks, our prayers and our gratitude.

Oh, and feel free to call me anytime. My cell is 485-1672.