Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Many of the happiest and most contented residents at the Willows were not keen on the idea of Assisted Living when they first heard of it.

After all, who wants to move from a home filled with wonderful memories? Especially since Mom and Dad have seen themselves living in the family home forever.

But as we all know, life has a natural course. Soon, even the best of us start to slip a little, maybe find ourselves not eating properly, missing our meds, even having an occasional fall. And loneliness – it happens, and it can cause our health to decline significantly.

And that is where I can help. I can tell you stories and introduce you to seniors who once felt uncertain too, but are now enjoying a new life here at The Willows.

I have seen it many times. Even after dragging their feet Mom or Dad are instantly amazed at the comfort, the privacy, all the new friends, and support. They are eating better, their clothes are clean, their home is clean and safe. And most importantly, there is always someone to help them 24/7 if a need arises.

If you are a senior or the adult child of a senior, I am here for you. At some point in our lives we all need someone to help guide us across the threshold from the home you have outgrown to a new home, and a new life.

Once you take the first step, calling me, you will have an advocate and a friend to guide you through this process. You will see right away that helping seniors live their best life is my passion. Just call me on my cell, anytime, day or night. 485-1672. I can’t wait to meet you and help you on the road to a safe and happy life.