It’s So Easy to Overlook

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Yet I see it happen all the time.

Folks simply forget they own Long Term Care Insurance.

And that is like discovering a pot of gold under your bed. Let me explain.

Long Term Care Insurance policies are wonderful. They are basically savings accounts for seniors.

When you pay the policy premium, funds are socked away for your use when you choose to move into The Willows.

In fact, right this minute we have many residents at The Willows living comfortably on the funds from their Long Term Care policies. (And many of them weren’t even aware they had this benefit until they called me.)

Now here is the catch: If you don’t use the funds built up in your Long Term Care policy, they usually flow to the insurance company when you pass on. That’s right, they don’t pass to your heirs. You lose them, forever.

I hate to say this, but it is kind of a trap… the trap of struggling to stay home when you could live in comfort at The Willows with the savings you forgot you even had.

Yes, we see many seniors struggling to stay at home, letting their health slide and burdening their adult children. Yet all the while they could have moved into the comfort and friendship of The Willows and paid for all or most of it with their Long Term Care policy.

If all this is ringing a bell, please remember, those funds in your Long Term Care policy are yours – use them to improve the quality of your life today.

And doing that is easy, painless and requires no commitment.

If you have a Long Term Care policy, call me and let’s discuss your situation. I can evaluate the fine print of your policy and we can discuss your options before it’s too late. Call me on my cell 641-485-1672.