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We all love our Moms and Dads. After all, they raised us. They thought of us constantly, they put up with us when we were teenagers, and they sacrificed for us.

Just like you sacrifice for your own kids.

But Moms and Dads get older. And with aging, the decline in our facilities can creep up on us. And you know what? Your parents don’t want to show you these declines. They don’t want us to make a fuss because they are used to being the ones taking care of everyone.

So if you are a son or daughter of aging parents, please keep a look out. Let your folks know that it is ok for these things to slip, it’s normal to need a little help.

Showing your love and your attention to how they are doing makes all the difference. Because if they are not doing well, there are solutions, but sometimes they need a nudge to accept the help.

“But Jennifer, what should I watch out for?” Here are a few things:

Are Mom and Dad eating OK? Are there dirty dishes piled in the sink? Can they maneuver their stairs? Are they taking their prescription medications? Are they keeping up with their laundry, can they still drive safely? Have they fallen lately? Things like that.

If you’re anything like me, life is busy! And you might not even live nearby. Yet these are things you just can’t keep track of with a phone call, even a daily one. You, or someone you love and trust, has to visit your folks in person to really see.

Call me if this topic is ringing a bell. Everyone needs an experienced buddy, and that can be me. Call anytime, my cell is 485-1672.


Jennifer Stanley