My Kids Can Be Kids Again

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

We hear this all the time from residents who have recently joined us here at The Willows. “At last, my kids can be kids again…” Let me explain.

As parents we fully enjoy the years of watching our kids grow up and become adults. In fact, even after they grow up they are still “kids” to us. They’ll always be our kids.

But…life is long. It has many cycles.

One of those cycles is where the parents begin to need the help of their kids in daily life. It’s a natural cycle. It usually starts as the kids making sure to stop by every week to visit, and call several times per week, maybe run a few errands now and then.

But as parents age, those check-ins and calls, can tun into a full time job of cooking for them, taking them to the bathroom…all the things they did for us when we were very young. Let’s face it, this is all part of the cycle of life.

But when that balance gets upset, it can put a tremendous strain on relationships, on families. That is when you need to look for help. It can be overwhelming for anyone and the stress on caregivers can
bring a tidal wave of stress in all areas of life.

But help is out there. Maybe The Willows is the right place for your parents, here they have their own apartment, nutritious meals every day, friends, activities, a theater – and 24/7 assistance at the press of a button. And when you visit, your parents can truly see you as kids again. We see it as bringing that part of life full circle and back into balance.

And if it isn’t the right fit, I can help you find options that might fit better. Call me and let’s chat, I am at 485-1672.