Photo of Jennifer Stanley

I mean, they have seen me working in health care for years now. They know I often work at all hours. But they also know that I love my job and that residents of The Willows are just like our own family.

In fact from time to time they suggest activities, trips or TV shows for our residents. To me that is super cool. “Mom how about this show for your residents…” It just melts my heart.

And my kids totally look forward to returning to The Willows to visit once Covid restrictions are lifted. I mean, it’s like they already know everyone at The Willows because it’s all I talk about when I am at home.

You know, I had worked in Assisted Living and Memory Care for a while before I joined The Willows, and that gave them a taste of Mom being Executive Director. But they’re still kids, and what kid doesn’t revel a bit in the freedom of Mom being away at work unexpectedly? Well, at least mine do.

Here’s another thing about our Willows Family. There are a lot of our residents who would have been great Executive Directors themselves if life had worked out that way. Our residents stop by my office regularly with ideas and suggestions…right down to letting me know about an idea for an outing, or, well if the beef stew was too salty at lunch.

I just love it, all of it. But nothing tops the help my kids give me. They love the Willows Family, and they love the way I love my job. Hmmm, I can’t wait to have them over for dinner and introduce you to them. Won’t that be fun? You betcha..


The Willows Executive Director