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Letters from Jenn

Our Executive Director

I Can Only Marvel

We all have important jobs, valuable jobs, jobs that make us proud. Some jobs require analytical skill, some require brute strength, some care and compassion. But only one job requires the superior combination of the heart and the mind. That is the job of the health care worker. And never in recent history have health […]

Veteran’s Day Love

Many, many seniors are military veterans. And to them we give the highest honor on this special day. Working here at The Willows, I like to think of all seniors as Life Veterans. And remember, life lasts a lifetime. From the moment we’re born all the way to our cherished elder years. So on this […]

Why We’re In Purple

Come drive by The Willows some evening this month and enjoy the beautiful purple lights shining on our building at 2315 Campbell Dr. These lights will be on every evening in November. And our care staff is dressed in purple this month too. Purple is close to our hearts here at The Willows. Because purple […]

What You Learn From Seniors

And every bit of it makes your heart melt. You learn that age is not catching – working with seniors does not hasten your own ageing. You learn that seniors have the same inner spark of youth that we still feel. They may use a walker, they may move slowly, they may have a health […]

Food From The Heart

I have to confess, there is a perk that I really did not expect when I began my career at The Willows. We have, hands down, the best restaurant in town, just a few steps from my office. There are some unique things that The Willows does with our restaurant that really sets us apart […]

I Want To Let You In On A Secret

Many of the happiest and most contented residents at the Willows were not keen on the idea of Assisted Living when they first heard of it. After all, who wants to move from a home filled with wonderful memories? Especially since Mom and Dad have seen themselves living in the family home forever. But as […]

Winter for Mom and Dad

Safety. Warmth. Ease. Comfort. Connection. Can you imagine having a job where you get to provide these things for seniors? I get to do that every day, and I love it. But lately, I’ve had some worries with this cooler weather coming in. Every year I meet people that say I want to move into […]

I’ve been looking forward to telling you this

Because it will ease your mind, right now, or in the future. I am talking about senior loved ones – your loved ones – with either current or developing memory issues. Now here is the news – there are people in today’s world who absolutely adore caring for seniors with memory issues. I should know, […]

Jenn’s Invitation

Hi, I’m Jennifer Stanley. If you or anyone in your family is of retirement age I have an invitation for you. You see, I am a retirement insider. Retirement is my job and my life. I can answer your questions, correct your misconceptions, and show you all the overlooked advantages to good retirement living at […]

Who is Jenn?

You have probably seen the signs around Marshalltown saying “Call Jenn.” “Who the heck is Jenn?” Well, that’s me. I am Jennifer Stanley, and I think my story may interest you. I am a lifelong Marshalltown resident. Both of my parents died early in my life. But my sister and brother and I hung in […]