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Letters from Jenn

Our Executive Director

I’ve been looking forward to telling you this

Because it will ease your mind, right now, or in the future. I am talking about senior loved ones – your loved ones – with either current or developing memory issues. Now here is the news – there are people in today’s world who absolutely adore caring for seniors with memory issues. I should know, […]

Jenn’s Invitation

Hi, I’m Jennifer Stanley. If you or anyone in your family is of retirement age I have an invitation for you. You see, I am a retirement insider. Retirement is my job and my life. I can answer your questions, correct your misconceptions, and show you all the overlooked advantages to good retirement living at […]

Who is Jenn?

You have probably seen the signs around Marshalltown saying “Call Jenn.” “Who the heck is Jenn?” Well, that’s me. I am Jennifer Stanley, and I think my story may interest you. I am a lifelong Marshalltown resident. Both of my parents died early in my life. But my sister and brother and I hung in […]