No Need To Call Me

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Just kidding.

You really should call me.

Whether you are an adult senior, or the relative of an adult senior.

I can help.

Because I know what you’re going through. At most stages along the way we have had someone to teach us how to get through the next step in our life with the most comfort and success. But as we get older those people to fill that role become fewer and fewer.

But you know what? The senior stage of your life can be as successful and enjoyable as when you or your Mom and Dad were young.

The funny thing is, after awhile we become “senior” to most everyone in our lives. And when that happens, who is going to teach us how to transform old age into something wonderful? I mean, when you were in high school and college do you ever remember a class on how to best serve your parents when they become seniors?

Most likely you haven’t, because the world has a way of emphasizing youth and ignoring senior life.

But that will all change when you contact me. Because seniors are my life.

Seniors are who I have been serving for decades. I know how to navigate this phase like the back of my hand. And I can pass on these special skills or suggestions to adult children or to seniors themselves.

So maybe you should call me. My cell is 641-485-1672.

You might wonder; what will that be like? We’ll just talk. I want to hear about your experience. The Willows is about helping seniors thrive in this next chapter of life, whether that means you move in with us, or take another route.

You know, on second thought, do call me, you can never do that too soon. 485-1672.Love,

Jennifer Stanley

Executive Director

The Willows of Marshalltown