The Overlooked Enemy of Staying Young

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

It creeps in. Cloaked in a desire not to change.

It’s the thing that can cause aging to accelerate faster than anything else.

And yet it goes on and on, every day, month and year.

It is loneliness.

When I say it creeps in, that’s just what I mean. It does not ring the doorbell, it does not announce itself, it just enters the lives of seniors. And loneliness is a destructive force.

It also has a way of staying hidden to seniors. They only know things don’t feel quite the same. And they can’t quite put their finger on it. And its ability to hide is what makes it so destructive. “Oh well, I must be ageing” is what folks often say. But it is loneliness, pure and simple.

It shows up as an eroding force in daily life. Like poor eating habits, poor sleep, self-care slipping further and further to the back burner…all of which are so harmful to health and wellbeing.

Fortunately, there is a wonderful solution to loneliness: Community.

If loneliness as the thing that eats away at life, then community, friendship and love are the things that build it back up.

So here are a few ideas: Take up a new hobby that involves meeting up with others, plan outings every week, even if its just to a regular place for coffee or to the library, take a class, start a club. Find ways to surround yourself with community.

And if you think it might be time, consider moving to a place like The Willows. With a private apartment, chef prepared meals, a 24/7 team of caregivers, and a community of people to share hobbies, conversation, and friendships, loneliness doesn’t stand a chance.

Give me a call at 485-1672. I know just how important it can be to have someone guide you through this change and I am an expert at it. I look forward to your call.

Jennifer Stanley
Executive Director
The Willows of Marshalltown