The Special Secret of Holidays

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

When we are kids, we believe that holidays are just for us.

Special food, fun, presents, family visits from far and wide – and pretty much all of it is focused on us kids. We are the stars of the show, and it seems like it will go on forever.

Then, of course, come a few teenage years when kids meet holidays with a roll of the eyes. “Mom, do I have to….” But soon adulthood dawns, we have our own kids and then holidays change. Yes, for the better.

That’s when we realize that the purpose of holidays is to honor Mom and Dad, your Mom and Dad.That’s when we realize the huge task Mom and Dad undertook raising us kids and creating that holiday magic every year.

That’s right, holidays aren’t really about turkey, pie, presents and eggnog. They are about showing love to your Mom and Dad. So on each holiday, remember to tell Mom and Dad how much you love them, and you appreciate all they did for you.

It comes full circle then. When they hear that from you, their holidays become complete, and so do yours. In these times, when physical gatherings are less safe, these words of appreciation are more important than ever.

As Executive Director of The Willows, my staff and I are so thankful that our lives are filled with opportunities to tell each resident by our words and actions that we care for them. Every day we get to make their lives easier, happier, safer, and more full of cheer.

Give me a call sometime, I’d love to share memories of how your Mom or Dad made the holidays, and life, special. We can swap stories, get to know each other. It’s one of the best parts of my job. Call anytime, 485-1672.

From all of us at The Willows of Marshalltown, Happy Holidays.