Something Very Special About The Holidays

Photo of Jennifer Stanley

Holidays are about expanding our hearts. They’re for making new memories and treasuring the old ones. And these new memories, in turn, cause hearts to grow even more.

Holidays are an overflow of love. It’s what makes holidays so magical and why we look forward to them with warmth and anticipation.

Holidays give adult children a chance to repay their parents for all the love and care they gave them year after year.

Holidays are also an important time to look out for Mom and Dad. Do they prepare the same nourishing meals for themselves that they gave you when you were kids? Are Mom and Dad able to keep their house spic and span like they used to? Does Dad still get out to shovel snow or care for the yard with a spring in his step, or do you notice these things are more challenging for them?

In this way, holidays let us really make sure Mom and Dad are doing OK.

And let’s not forget the love that is shown by the exchange of holiday gifts. But as we grow up, we begin to realize it isn’t the gifts exchanged that matter, but the love and care that is shared and appreciated.

Because feeling loved and cared for, is always the best memory.

And among all the gifts, one of the best ones for Mom and Dad is finding ways to help out and show you care when you notice they need a little extra help with things.

And with that, I can be your helper this holiday season. I specialize in aging and helping to care for Mom and Dad.

Call me after the holidays if you find you have questions and let’s chat. My personal number is: 485-1672.


Jennifer Stanley
Executive Director
The Willows of Marshalltown