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And every bit of it makes your heart melt.

You learn that age is not catching – working with seniors does not hasten your own ageing.

You learn that seniors have the same inner spark of youth that we still feel. They may use a walker, they may move slowly, they may have a health challenge or two…but inside, they are as young as we are, and as young as we ever were.

You learn gratefulness.

You learn to listen…listen to their stories of their younger days with joy and attention.

You learn to always let them have the last word. Because you know they deserve it.

You have a second chance to repay your own parents. We all (certainly me anyway) look back and wish we had given more attention to Mom or Dad while they were with us. This is your second chance.

Every meal you eat with a senior, every conversation you patiently listen to – you are repaying your own Mom and Dad for all the times they comforted you from infancy through your own middle age.

You also literally have a chance to go back in time and be with your parents again. Because as you sit with a senior it is just like sitting with your own Mom or Dad.

You know how – sometimes we have the thought “I’m going to call Mom and tell her about my day?” And then your heart sinks because you remember Mom is gone, so it’s no longer possible.

Let me tell you, when you work with seniors, eat with seniors, drive seniors around, laugh with them, listen to their stories, or take them shopping, it has the very same effect as calling your own Mom or Dad and having a wonderful chat.

And nothing can really top that.

Call me some time, any time and let’s chat about your Mom or Dad. Here’s my cell 485-1672.

Call me anytime.