Photo of Jennifer StanleySafety. Warmth. Ease. Comfort. Connection.

Can you imagine having a job where you get to provide these things for seniors? I get to do that every day, and I love it. But lately, I’ve had some worries with this cooler weather coming in.

Every year I meet people that say I want to move into The Willows before winter.” But you know what happens? Winter comes quickly. And I worry so much about seniors in winter because there are so many added risks of living at home alone during that time. Falling on ice and exposure to extreme weather increase, dealing with shoveling snow and getting around for groceries and medicine becomes more challenging.

But if there is one thing I worry about most in winter, it’s isolation. Especially during a pandemic, when all the experts are telling you to stay home. But staying home alone can lead to isolation and depression and health can decline fast. I’ve seen it too many times. In the winter, it’s harder to fight it, it creeps into life before it’s noticed.

Which is why making plans for winter is so crucial in the next month or so. And together we can solve the “winter question” and the “isolation question” with one solution.

At The Willows, staying home in the winter is what it should be. Life here is full of warmth. You can have amazing meals with friends, a book or a game of cards by the fireplace in our library or club room, a cozy movie night with popcorn in our theater. All the snow is shoveled for you and most of all, you are not alone. Friends and caring staff are right there with you.

Here’s my cell phone, 485-1672. I’d love to bring your Mom and Dad home to The Willows with me for the winter and surround them with the warmth and care they deserve. Call anytime.